XTP Rubber Grips – Xtacky

The new XTP XTACKY rubber racquetball-is THE best aftermarket slip on racquetball grip we have found. Better than Python-Better than Ektelon Vision grip. Better than E-Force ply Paper-Better than Gearbox Clutch-Better than Head Tacki Mac-Better than,Pro Kennex Friction. XTACKY IS MOIST TACKY FEEL SMOOTH and Gummy for that GREAT UNSTOPPABLE CRUSHING LOCK TIGHT GRIP YOU WANT–COMES IN 3 colors BLACK,PINK,,CLEAR. It has a thin feel so doesn’t build up grip like some bulky rubber grips-LAST LONG Durable… Easy to install or have it installed on any RACQUET PURCHASE FROM RACQUETS$LESS FOR ONLY 4.99…thats installed for 4.99.