Racquetball String Special 20 sets Plus XTacky & XVibe products racquetball

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THE ULTIMATE Racquetball Stringers Package gets 20 sealed sets of high quality string and you can mix between these two top brands-GET 20 set of either-your choice chose 20 sets-you can get all E-force or all Wilson-or say half and half just let me know when ordering how to total 20 sets-1st string is 'E-Force Platinum' AMBER IN COLOR, 18g a very thin players string solid core string that is not as durable as say a 16g string but much more feel and touch-someone that does not hit super hard but wants a lot of playability and control,
,OR 2nd string offered is the Wilson HYPERION Power BLACK in color-Black. its 16g but at only 1.30mm it qualifies at a 16 light gauge-this string is all about POWER and DURABILITY solid core-SO YOU CHOSE 20 sets total,,
AND YOU ALSO GET 6 XTacky Rubber Racquetball grips-these grips are the smooth tacky aftermarket racquetball grip very similar to the E-force FLYPAPER or EKTELON VISION grip-you get 6 and can chose mix or match of the 3 colors we have BLACK/PINK/CLEAR-pick six any colors—A last but not least you get a 12-ONE DOZEN of the XVIBE Racquetball String Vibration Dampenerwe have tested this worm like dampener against them all and we like it the best just weave it thru string bed like the Ektelon Silencer or Gamma worm-we like the XVIBE the best,comes in 3 colors mix match choose 12 colors offered are BLACK/GREEN/PINK you get 12 and you get free priority mail s/h in the USA-TOTAL 20 sets/6 grips/12 dampeners-38 pieces total-cost is 99.99,,normal retail is OVER 200.00,for only 99.99

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You get 20 packaged sets total of=mix of 2 top quality strings either E-force amber 18g Platinum racquetball string or Wilson Hyprerion Power 16g Black-20 SETS total String,-6 rubber XTACKY grips your choice of color,-12 XVIBE
STRING Dampeners your choiceof colors.
-all TOP quality products for the Avid racquetball stringer/Player.

I repeat you Can mix sets of string however you want 20 sets of Wilson or 20 sets e-force, or say 10 snd 10 for total of 20 sets.
,total pieces 38 pieces,free priority s/h in the USA