XVIBE Racquetball string vibration dampener 50pc.value pack

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THIS is for bulk order of 40 pieces of the XTP XVIBE racquetball-tennis-squash,string vibration dampener–you are getting 50 [ieces mixed colors-30 black-10 green-10pink,fourty total–great to use for hand out promotional item at tournaments or shoutouts-or just gifts to your racquetball friends–EASY to install-takes the VIBE OUT–better than Gearbox,Head mega Sorb-Ektelon Silencer-gamma Worm-best we have found of any string dampener on the market-get it here for less than a 1.00 ea-when you get s/h in USA..weaves through string bed-or tie in a bow either way take vibration out-XXXVIBE.