E-FORCE INVASION 170 & 175 New W/warranty.FREE GRIP .


Brand new original Invasion 170 racquetball racquet limited inventory. A few in stock.

The Orginal Invasion with slightly narrower Booster Tubes,we have a limited number of like new  170s in stock straight from mfg warehouse.

We also have a Brand New Eforce Invasion 175 great slightly used

We also have a few used in great condition 175 Invasion 129.99 call.ready to play in great condition.

Only 129.99 give us a us..ready to play.

3 in stock



Brand new original Invasion 170 racquetball racquet limited inventory. A few in stock.

Ok ok So you loved the Eforce Invasion 170 but can not find this All Time favorite Dual Cylinder Racket from E-force,  WELL WE JUST RECEIVED A VERY VERY FEW BRAND NEW WITH FACTORY WARRANTY. small grip,includes a free rubber grip installed also or just the origins black Eforce wrap grip.and included is a strip of rim protection tape included free.just a very few of these in stock.Brand New.

Only racquets4less has this access to these very special racquets from the mfg. . This 170 teardrop shaped racquet started it all with the “original slightly  narrower Booster TUBES”, and has lots of the technology going forward into even Sector 5 racquets of today like,tri carbon frame, bypass string system, launch pad, extreme longstring ,fat zones,total Carbon head, high compression wing,All Richter TUBES,.So if you thought you just missed a truely great racket heres your chance to get a very like new model and see what all the fuss is about in this Invasion 170 classic.*And we can leave the factory wrap grip on or change it at no extra charge to the Eforce smooth Tacky FlyPaper rubber grip no extra charge*. All racquets are the 3 5/8 small grip,With Factory 17 gauge Oxygen string and ready to Play. ..This is the Original Invasion model here,not the Invasion X model.Regular Original Invasion. YES THE INVASION. Hard To Find version Invasion 170 new with warranty stock ship in USA.

This is not a demo racquet, brand new.