E-Force Bedlam Stun 150 Like New “Demo” with free rubber grip installed.

Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $119.99.


We have a very limited number of Eforce Bedlam Stun 150 “Like New” Brand New Never Used-DEMO RACQUETS,NO warranty. WE ALSO WILL INSTALL A NEW E-FORCE FLYPAPER RUBBER GRIP NO EXTRA $.

Free shipping ,free rim protection tape Xvibe string vibration dampner also.factory strung with E-FORCE 17g platinum string ready to play..grip is small size only.only 2 still in inventory.

2 in stock


We were recently allowed into E-Force Vault of Hard To Find very classic models racquets straight from the Warehouse in San Diego.

A very few of the Bedlam Stun 150 teardrop like new demos,,no warranty but like New..and we will install a E-FORCE FLYPAPER OR OCTOPUS RUBBER GRIP no extra charge,,or we can leave it with a black wrap synthetic grip your choice..gripsize is 3 5/8 ,,small grip only offered.

THESE racquets come factory strung with E-FORCE factory 17g platinum string,ready to play.

We will also include a strip of rim protection tape to keep the grommets protected,,and we will include a Xvibe string vibration dampner included.

And we chose the All Time Lite but Powerful Bedlam Stun 150 Teardrop shape we have a limited number of these Demo “Like New” Condition racquets available. Some even have plastic wrap and placards on the racquet but these are Demo models so no implied mfg.warranty. But they all are LIKE NEW CONDITION and we will install a New E-Force FLYPAPER rubber grip at no charge or leave the factory wrap grip on ,your choice.

The Classic Bedlam Stun 150 has small 3 5/8 Grip,Richter Tubes,LaunchPad technology, 22 longstring, monster string holes,total carbon head,teardrop frame,fat zones,wishbone frame,power trac,bypsss string system, tri carbon frame.tri tear headshape.ALL THIS TECHNOLOGY IN A 150 GRAM MODEL, SWING WEIGHT 130…cost 119.99 free shipping.

Hard to find this E-Force model like new from Warehouse.Only 2 still in inventory..only 2 left.

Like Brand New Never Used,marked as demo..