E-force Danger Racquets 2 a pair of racquets Save $109.99 You & a Friend.


Get two a Pair of  great playing E-force racquets at a great price-you and a friend hit the courts with longstring technology.free s/h both for only 109.99.

E-Force Danger has 9 patented Technologies in this Budget Racquetball Racquet,22 Longstring, By-Pass String technology, Richter TUBES, Monsters String Holes, Launch Pad Technology, and more in the Durable budget frame,.

    E-Force only does Racquetball has the only 22 inch Longstring technology,.

Purchase 2 Danger E-Force Racquets for 109.00 free shipping in USA included.. not 99.99..these are 109.99 for 2 Danger Racquets..free shipping in USA. 

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Get a Pair .Two.of  E-force “Danger” : get both racquets the new Power DANGER is 190g +- in weight and is hybrid Graphite construction with 9 top e-force patents found in e-force racquets selling for 200.00 and up,it has zero richter tubes,bypass stringing system,monster string holes,LAUNCHPAD technology,22″longsting,10.5″cross-string tech,and comes factory strung with E-force platinum 17g string  as shown both have the 3 5/8 grips new E-force racquets including s/h to you and a friend for only 109.99-this is a racquets4less exclusive offer as shown full warranty from factory-E-force only does racquetball,so this is the deal for you and a friend to hit the courts in E-force style.

Purchase 2, Two,Danger E-Force Racquets for under 109.99 free shipping in USA included…these are not 99.99 these are 109.99 for a pair. 

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