As of Feb 27-The latest in XTP Paddle and Racquet products has arrived and we are shaking all over with excitement about the XVIBE string vibration dampener..Its better in our opinion than Ektelon-Silencer,Head-Mega Sorb ,Gamma Worm,Wilson Pro Feel,or the Factory Gearbox dampener and even E-Force richter tubes,,,We here at Racquets4less have tested and demoed and researched a lot to come up with this product-IT weaves through the string bed and attaches underneath at each end to deaden the entire string bed-Or some players prefer to loop it around strings and loop back through each end to get more of a worm look-But either way total XXXX-OUT VIBRATION-your arm will thank you for it-AND JUST MENTION THIS BLOG POST AND GET ONE FREE WITH ANY_ANY RACQUET PURCHASE FROM-COMES IN THREE COLORS-BLACKPINKNEON GREEN…PLAY ON WITHOUT VIBRATION-ANOTHER QUALITY PRODUCT FROM XTP Paddle and Racquetball Line.