XTP tennis butt cap all sizes….We now have ALL sizes of the XTP xtended tennis product that extends ANY racquet or paddle by simply installing our evolutionary butt cap..so take your factory 27 inch racquet and make it a stretch 27.5 inch racquet,or slightly longer by adding the XTP butt cap..Or take a 27.5 lenght racquet to 28 inch with the XTP.

Most players easily get the standard half inch extension from our current XTP cap but some installers get more ,up to a full inch in some cases.

..These work well also on Paddle Tennis paddles or Pickleball paddles to name a few..we can ship worldwide..and with our patented HeatFit technolog we can fit ANY mfg.racquet..PatentPending.[/caption]

XTP in 4 sizes for use on any racquet or paddle

XTP xtended tennis products And now we have 4 sizes L0/1, L2,L3,L4 and many players have been able to get our L4 size cap to fit a size L5 racquet using HeatFit installation application.

HeatFit process of installing the XTP tennis butt caps.