Well after a long design and testing of MANY Racquetball rubber grips like the Python,Vision grip by Ektelon,the E-Force Flypaper and Octopus,the Gearbox Clutch the Head Tacki-Mac,the ProKennex Friction,we have tried them all and …NOWracquets4less has the private label XTP=Xtreme Traction Product rubber grip,,,we have the ultimate Textured rubber grip with ribs and XXX pattern that grips BETTER than ANY Textured rubber grip we have ever used it called the- XGRIP – ,makes sense right these have long durability and grips like CRAZY,comes in black color ,,And for the player wanting that smooth TACKY feel we have the- XTACKY -yes that ultimate tacki grip that always feels fresh and moist and tacky-comes in Black,Clear or Pink,,find them in the accessory section,you can purchase one at a time or by the bulk,,easy to install just like all other mfg.slide on with WD40 or hairspray or rubber cement,,SO GET A GRIP TO THE XTREME with the new XTP rubber grip.Python-Rubber-Grips-various-colors-in-stockAlso XTP now has the XVIBE string Vibration Dampner worm that fits right into the string bed to dampen any racquetball racquet or Tennis or Squash racquet-but was geared for racquetball racquets 1st and formost.