XTP HEADBANDS=XTREME TEMP PROTECTION 80% cotton 20 % stretch nylon-these are the newest in the XTP line of sports products 0nly 2.25 each with any purchase-we are making and designing Rubber racquetball grips and vibration dampners,Paddle Tennis paddles-Pop Tennis Paddles-Pickleball Paddles-XTP Xtreme Transit panniers cycling panniers and the XTP Extended Tennis Product for taking any Tennis racquet or Paddle tennis paddle and making it longer with a very simple Butt cap Xtension-the XTP Tennis Butt cap–now we have these GREAT LOOKING HEADBANDS TO COMPLIMENT the XTP sports line.2016-09-02-xtp-172-012016-09-02-xtp-w-02Photo-Aug-21-5-33-18-PM