XTP Butt Caps

XTP Tennis butt cap

XTP=XTENDED TENNIS PRODUCT-With Heatfit technolgy fits any tennis racket or paddle-Patent Pending-lets you easily extend ANY Tennis racquet,Paddle/Pop Tennis paddle,Pickleball paddle,Squash racquet 1/2 inch or slightly more with just removing old factory butt cap and easily installing the XTP cap-IT has a spacer in the bottom adding the extra half inch-Michael Chang-Jaun Martin del Potro-Serena Williams-Andy Roddick-Raffael Nadal-JUST TO NAME A FEW GREATS that have played with STRETCH model rackets-that’s either 27.5 up to 28 inch..Most factory adult racquets measure 27 inches but the next most popular length is 27.5-here is a EASY WAY to stretch that racquet and try the advantages of a slightly longer racquet..all mfg-HEAD,WILSON<BABOLAT,PRINCE,YONNEX,PRO KENNEX,DUNLOP have made STRETCH MODEL racquets but never befor has it been so easy to add half inch and not damage or alter the frame-NOW the XTP has a quick fast way of exploring this option-with our factory plastic molded beveled butt cap just unwrap-remove staples-slide off old cap and slide on with a little glue-rewrap an

d now 27.5 length ready to play-NO MORE CUTTING BALSA WOOD PEICES GLUEING SHAPING and recapping,,JUST XTP THAT RACQUET..sold in L0/1,L2-L3-or L4 grip sizes…can be purchase in 1-2-3-4-5 pack purchase to save.go to WWW.TENNISBUTTCAP.COM Www.XTPTennisbuttcap.com for more info.DEALERS WELCOME FOR WHOLESALE 10 cap orders worldwide..



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