Used E-force Bedlam X170 excellent condition,free extras.


We have a excellent condition, with orginal factory strings Bedlam 170x,,X170 Bedlam racquetball racquet.has small grip.

USED E-FORCE BEDLAM X170 “excellent” condition with original strings,will install new grip of your choice. Small gripsize.

Racquets4Less Aftermarket Racquetball Rubber Grips

Racquets4Less Aftermarket Racquetball Rubber Grips,installed free here.or free black wrap grip,free xvibe string vibration dampener included.

We will also install the grip if your choice as noted. Free shipping in USA.

Also included free strip rim protection tape and a free Xvibe string vibration dampener.

Free shipping in USA.

1 in stock


Eforce Bedlam X170 excellent condition with orginal strings and new grip installed your choice.

We have recently taken in another Classic Racquet and offering it here .

It’s a Like New excellent condition with orginal factory strings ,Bedlam X170 .and we will install the grip of your choice ,either a black wrap synthetic grip or we install a Eforce black flypaper or Octapus rubber grip or a XTACKY rubber grip of your choice.

This racquet is a 3 5/8 grip.

170 grams with a swing weight of 139g,full motion cross string technology, FAT zones fiber alignment technology, Tri carbon frame,longstring technology .Classic E-force racquetball racquet.

Only 1 in stock,hard to find this 170X model.

Comes with rim protection tape and Xvibe string vibration dampener free.

Free shipping in USA.