BEDLAM X-150 Lightning Fast,Maneuverable,Powerful,Controllable racquetball racquet.And free rubber grip,and XVibe string vibration dampener included.


Racquets4less best price of Eforce Bedlam X150.

The Lightes E-force racquet in production is the Bedlam X150 teardrop,carbon fibre racquetball racquet, with a super lite swing weight of 125g…small grip.

Only 114.99 ea..

And free included with this racquet is a Eforce Black FlyPaper rubber grip included,or we can leave it factory black wrap synthetic. ,.

And a XVIBE string vibration dampener included, and free rim protection tape included. And extra 10.00 free.

13 in stock


It’s back the lightest racquet made currently by Eforce Racquetball the classic Bedlam X 150 teardrop carbon fibre,with fat zones ,total carbon head,and more Eforce technology. Small grip only.Instock,Cones with factory black E-Force wrap grip..but for no extra charge we can install a E-Force rubber Flypaper grip or the Xtacky smooth rubber grip no xtra charge,,or we can leave it factory with the synthetic black wrap grip installed by Eforce. We also install a XVIBE string vibration dampener included and free rim protection tape priority mail in the USA.

This Bedlam X 150 has a swing weight of only 125g.

“And if you need 2 of these x150 sold as a pair-thats 2 racquets you can purchase for only us on this price for two x150”.