We are launching the dealer locator Www.paddles4less.com page on www.paddles4less.com,,we have several new dealers and international distributors now in the U.K. Racquet Depot ankoid in Australia,New Zealand Top Serve Tennis,,and in North Carolina it Bryans Tennis,,check these shops and online stores for the XTP advantage.

XTP can fit any Tennis racquet now with Patented HeatFit Technology.

XTP Tennis butt cap.
Also see our ad in the Tennis Industry Magazine and our new info splash page at www.xrptennisbuttcap.com .Www.xtptennisbuttcap.com


We have now Patented the entire XTP Tennis Butt Cap And Taper SYSTEM that now includes the entire racquet and are currently in talks with major Manufacturer.
The XTP Xtended Tennis Product stand on it’s own and can fit Any manufacturers racquet but with out new IP Taper sytem we are taking it to the next level.

Extend your racquet and Expand your game.
With XTP Extended Tennis Product.