We recently acquired the Last of the Lethal Reload racquets from E-Force racquetball.

Brand new 170 Lethal Reloads have Mfg.warranty..Like New Demo 170 Lethal Reload no warranty,Same Racquet with or without Mfg.warranty.

Real Power from Lethal Reload racquets


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We Are Racquets 4 Less.Always getting specials on the best racquetball gear. Savings for the Players by a Player.

These like new demo etched Lethal Reloads are in LIKE NEW condition so we have to sell these as used racquets since they have no implied mfg.warranty.

But they are NOT ANY DIFFERENT FROM A  NEW RACQUET just no implied mfg.warranty.

And We now have these 170 and 190 “like new” demo Lethal Reloads in stock with small grip .

But we do also have the grip insert to make a large grip out of ANY of these models we have  AT no extra charge, .So we can make a Large Grip on any of these Lethal Racquets no problem just ASK.

Like New Demo 170 ,190 on Sale only at racquets4less Exclusive from the Eforce company straight to racquets4less.


We still have a few Brand New with warranty LETHAL Nxt Gen 160 quad and 175 quad in stock here at racquets4less with full warranty and at discount prices, and we still also have  a few Reload Lethal Brand New 160,170,175 new with warranty..we do not have any 190 Lethal Reloads with

And these LIKE NEW demo Lethal Reloads in 170,190 without mfg.warranty now at LOWER discount prices.119.99 for the 170 and 109.99 for the 190 Both models are LIKE NEW CONDITION.

It sounds a little confusing – -Demo- or -Not a Demo-but all racquet Demos or New are the same racquets ,it just a matter of implied mfg.warranty. If you have Any Questions feel free to call me..

Like new ,looks new plays like new but at discount prices at racquets4less, 170,190,Lethal Reloads.

THE success of the Lethal Series is Iconic from E-force and is a best selling model that started the COMPRESSED Dual Cylinder regime of racquets by EFORCE.

The Orginal  NXT GEN LETHAL has shorter RICHTER TUBES and no power booster tubes on the sides,were as the 2015 LETHAL Reload series had all the updates and NOW these 2017-18 models have BOOSTER TUBES, even LONGER RICHTER TUBES for maximum arm comfort.All the Lethal Reloads we have in stock are the Newest 2018 versions.

So we still have 160 and 175 NXT GEN LETHAL racquets in stock with warranty. But no more 170 or 190 NXT GEN LETHAL racquets in stock.

But our big seller right now are these Lethal Reload Teardrop like new Demo 170 and 190 currently in stock.

..And we have a few New Lethal Reload160,170, 175 quad in stock with full warranty at slightly higher price..But the  Lethal Reload 190 we only have that in Like New Demo no warranty.

So check out our Eforce racquet section and also the used racquet section of our site here at racquets4less.

We continue to get more hard to find models from the mfg as they are clearing out their warehouse and we are online to get more hard to find racquets from them,,racquets4less getting the low down on lowest prices on  best racquetball gear,we know how important it is to get that racquet that works so well for an individual player.

We even have a info site dedicated to Eforce Lethal Racquets check out www.e-forcelethal.comhttp://ww.e-forcelethal.com

Thx.john of racquets4less