Used E-force Anarchy 185g,like Orginal Bedlam 185 racquetball racquet. Like new!


Used E-force Anarchy 185 gram racquetball racquet similar to Bedlam 185

Used ,like new Eforce Anarchy 185g racquetball racquet, very similar to the Orginal Bedlam 185.small grip.Hard to find model.

Only 1 in stock.

74.99 free shipping,,also free re-grip of black wrap or flypaper rubber grip, Your rim protection tape, free XVIBE string dampener included.

1 in stock


We recently have taken in a near new used E-force Anarchy 185 racquetball racquet and it’s in great condition with orginal factory strings with factory logo.Hard to find in this great shape no dings or chips very little wear on this classic E-force racquet.

Carbon fiber construction, 22 inch long string, 107 sq.inch headsize,small grip 3 5/8,.racquet is very much like a Original Bedlam 185 in specs.The bumper guards are same as the Bedlam racquets and are interchangeable with this racquet.

Racquet is near new condition and we will replace the grip on this racquet for buyer with either a new black resin wrap grip,or replace with a E-force black Flypaper rubber grip,YOUR CHOICE..So that’s a new grip of your choice installed befor we ship to you.We will also include a free strip of rim protection tape and a free XVIBE string dampener free.

74.99 total cost includes priority mail shipping in USA.