HARROW Spark Jonathon Power custom pro squash racquet used in great shape [


We have a very nice hardly used Harrow Spark Jonathon Power custom pro series squash racquet,,its in hardly used condition and is ready to play with strings in great shape all bumpers in grest shape no cracks or chips..very nice..

Cost is 104.99 with free priority shipping in USA..only 1 in stock..if you want this racquet sent overseas sprox 30.00 for shipping contact us about thst..thx..john of racquets4less

1 in stock


We here at racquets4less have recently taken in a very very nice in great condition ,Harrow Spark Jonathon Power custom pro series squash racquet,,its ready to play strings in great shspe,,no fractures or any chips on frame only shows very lite use overall. We only have 1 if these in stock..cost including priority mail shipping in USA is 104.99 total.

This model has the orginal paint job from a few years back but i think its the 135 gram model ,,please see photos.

Harrow jonathon power spark custom pro series squash racquet

Bumpes in great shape