Gearbox Solid 1.0 165Q Magenta Racquetball Racquet


THE NEWEST THING OUT FROM GEARBOX,WITH THE SUCCESS OF THE GB250 line NOW the SOLID 1.0  189.99 Call for Discount,.MAGENTA 165q 1.0,improved features W/warranty 189.99 racquets4less–a special purchase brings you this special edition solid 1.0 magenta—ALSO GET A FEE XTP XTACKY SMOOTH rubber grip installed free on this racquet-a nother 10.00 value free.


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Gearbox Solid 1.0 165Q Magenta Racquetball Racquet quad IS ONLY 189.99 lowest price on racquet,, this is the 165 MAGENTA color quad 165,,, in stock withbrand new. I ALSO JUST ADDED ANOTHER 10.00 bonus-I WILL SINSTALL FREEEE an XTP XTACKY PINK RUBBER smooth grip on this racquet for free=a free PINK XTACKY GRIP INSTALLED FREE  .I also have all the other items made by GEARBOX in stock ready to ship with your racquet purchase at great savings like MOVEMENT GLOVES,EYEWEAR,CLUTCH RUBBER GRIPS,GEARBOX NEW BLACK RACQUETBALLS,BAGS,STRINGS,Grommet sets-just s/h in USA..only a few of these 165 solid 1.0 magentas still in stock–if you do not want the pink xtacky installed you can also get it in black-or clear also-or not installed.ONLY A FEW LEFT STILL IN STOCK.

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