XTP-XVIBE Vibration Dampener

The New XVIBE racquetball,tennis,squash string vibration dampener-We have researched many string vibration dampers and we felt we could do it better-better than Ektelon-Silencer,Head-Mega sorb,Gamma-Worm,Wilson-Pro Feel,and we have done it for sure with the XVIBE-It weaves through the string bed and attaches underneath on each end to create a total X vibration feel=So X out the vibration in that racquet-WE have specifically  designed this for Rcaquetball in mind but its works just as well on Tennis and Squash racquets.,SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN WITHOUT VIBRATION-with XVIBE another quality product from XTP paddle and racquet line of products-comes in three colors-BLACKPINKNEON GREEN.

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