31 May

Types of Racquetball,Indoor,Outdoor-1 Wall,2 Wall,3 Wall ect.ect

We can supply great advice of all types of Racquetball racquets.

To play or Not 2 play- That’s the question.

Indoor or Outdoor that’s the question.

Since the Quarantine covid 19 when all gyms have been closed along with Tennis courts, Paddle Tennis and Pickleball we here at racquets4less have had the opportunity to reinvent ourselves with Ourdoor One Wall racquetball.

I originally about 5 years ago met a group of mostly east coast guys at a local park here in San Fernando Valley, in Universal City California near were I live.At this North Weddington park it has among its many features an chain link enclosure a hitting Wall.And this enclosure gets many types of use from kids skating and drawing chalk graffiti to tennis players hitting against it,to dodge ballers and handballers using this Wall to get some great excercise and outdoor activities in.

It’s a chain linked enclosure around a very solid Concrete Wall, The Wall is 20 ft wide and I think it must be 40ft high,it has at bottom a 20 by 45ft slab of concrete slab floor and another 7 ft of surrounding blacktop enclosed by a 20ft high chain link fence.

Try something outdoor-1 Wall racquetball straight in straight out.

Now normal outdoor Racquetball is normally 3 wall  with short sidewalls that give the player an opportunity to hit pinch shots.But this Wall at this park is only the Wall and has no side walls whatsoever, Staight In Straight Out. And it makes for a very tough game in that it’s all about Control, because it’s very easy to over hit and if the ball does land on the concrete slab it’s out of bounds and counts as a point or Sideout.

It makes for relearning what skills you have on the Indoor 4 wall court,and not so much about power as placement.

Thank you Covid 19 quarantine for opening my eyes to another great park in my area and The Wall,hitting by my self with racquetball,or even bringing the Pickleball paddle and hitting against it also.

I did reconnect with some players and we did play plenty of games of 1 Wall outdoor Racquetball-Strsigh in Straight out.

I would say a little heavier durable racquet is the type you would want for this game since placement over power,and durable is key because the floor is concrete and can take its toll on lighter brittle racquets.I mostly played with a Bedlam 170 with protection tape around the rim.

Used E-force Anarchy 185 gram racquetball racquet similar to Bedlam 185,and 170 lite.

Dont worry so much about the Racquet, just get out and play the equipment will take care of itself in the long run, but put plenty of protection tape on lighter racquets as the Slab can hurt those 150 gram frames.

2020 E-force Bedlam Lite 170 with Power Boosters.




But any racquet is fine,we have some great used Ektelon and Gearbox racquets.Dont let equipment hold you back,Get Out and play.








Even that used racquet you haven’t touched in awhile can shine again on the Outside outdoor court.We have some used durable Gearbox 170 quads just inching to make a stand on the concrete Slab,or the old Power Ring Ektelon,give these racquets a chance to Swing in the great outdoors.

Used gearbox racquetball racquets quad 170 gb 250,solid 1.0,MX 1.0 save money.

And old Ektelon Power Ring.







Heavier is probably better for Outdoor Racquetball.Durable Durable Durable.

Even a 190 gram Lethal Reload can do some serious damage, it’s a beast of a racquet.

Like new ,looks new plays like new but at discount prices at racquets4less, 170,190,Lethal Reloads..


12 Feb

More from E-force, Bedlam X150 and How Low can we Go on Sector 5 all models. Call.

Racquets4less best price of Eforce Bedlam X150.

We are getting in the Very Lightest Eforce racquet in again ,the Bedlam X 150 and low cost of 89.99 free shipping,free Eforce FlyPaper rubber grip, Free XVIBE string vibration dampener included and free rim protection tape,,

So get another free 10.00 value with the Bedlam x150 ,this is the 100% carbon fiber, carbon head teardrop,fast light swing weight of only 125g.WOW,small grip.with mfg.warranty. New racquet.

And get an extra 10.00 value with Bedlam X150, free rubber grip,free Xvibe string vibration dampener, free rim protection tape.

And if you need 2 of the Bedlam x150 sold as a pair they are only 84.99ea..call on this.

And if your still wondering what’s going on in Area 51 the Sector 5 racquets are at prices to low to advertise, So Call  about all models,160,170,175,190 ,dont be afraid to ask.8186253634..john

04 Feb

Eforce Lethal nxt gen & Lethal Reload racquets exclusive at racquets4less

We recently acquired the Last of the Lethal Reload racquets from E-Force racquetball.

Brand new 170 Lethal Reloads have Mfg.warranty..Like New Demo 170 Lethal Reload no warranty,Same Racquet with or without Mfg.warranty.

Real Power from Lethal Reload racquets


racquets4less logo

We Are Racquets 4 Less.Always getting specials on the best racquetball gear. Savings for the Players by a Player.

These like new demo etched Lethal Reloads are in LIKE NEW condition so we have to sell these as used racquets since they have no implied mfg.warranty.

But they are NOT ANY DIFFERENT FROM A  NEW RACQUET just no implied mfg.warranty.

And We now have these 170 and 190 “like new” demo Lethal Reloads in stock with small grip .

But we do also have the grip insert to make a large grip out of ANY of these models we have  AT no extra charge, .So we can make a Large Grip on any of these Lethal Racquets no problem just ASK.

Like New Demo 170 ,190 on Sale only at racquets4less Exclusive from the Eforce company straight to racquets4less.


We still have a few Brand New with warranty LETHAL Nxt Gen 160 quad and 175 quad in stock here at racquets4less with full warranty and at discount prices, and we still also have  a few Reload Lethal Brand New 160,170,175 new with warranty..we do not have any 190 Lethal Reloads with

And these LIKE NEW demo Lethal Reloads in 170,190 without mfg.warranty now at LOWER discount prices.119.99 for the 170 and 109.99 for the 190 Both models are LIKE NEW CONDITION.

It sounds a little confusing – -Demo- or -Not a Demo-but all racquet Demos or New are the same racquets ,it just a matter of implied mfg.warranty. If you have Any Questions feel free to call me..

Like new ,looks new plays like new but at discount prices at racquets4less, 170,190,Lethal Reloads.

THE success of the Lethal Series is Iconic from E-force and is a best selling model that started the COMPRESSED Dual Cylinder regime of racquets by EFORCE.

The Orginal  NXT GEN LETHAL has shorter RICHTER TUBES and no power booster tubes on the sides,were as the 2015 LETHAL Reload series had all the updates and NOW these 2017-18 models have BOOSTER TUBES, even LONGER RICHTER TUBES for maximum arm comfort.All the Lethal Reloads we have in stock are the Newest 2018 versions.

So we still have 160 and 175 NXT GEN LETHAL racquets in stock with warranty. But no more 170 or 190 NXT GEN LETHAL racquets in stock.

But our big seller right now are these Lethal Reload Teardrop like new Demo 170 and 190 currently in stock.

..And we have a few New Lethal Reload160,170, 175 quad in stock with full warranty at slightly higher price..But the  Lethal Reload 190 we only have that in Like New Demo no warranty.

So check out our Eforce racquet section and also the used racquet section of our site here at racquets4less.

We continue to get more hard to find models from the mfg as they are clearing out their warehouse and we are online to get more hard to find racquets from them,,racquets4less getting the low down on lowest prices on  best racquetball gear,we know how important it is to get that racquet that works so well for an individual player.

We even have a info site dedicated to Eforce Lethal Racquets check out www.e-forcelethal.comhttp://ww.e-forcelethal.com

Thx.john of racquets4less

24 Jan


Eforce nxt gen lethal 160s sold as pair save.Light Powerful and Fast.


we also have some brand new never used Demo Eforce Lethal Reloads 160,170,175,190 models straight from mfg.only at racquets4less.

Very hard to find these Lethal Reload racquets 160,170,175,190 we have a few brand new DEMOS for sale.

We at Racquets4less have nxt gen and reload Lethal racquets in stock..

We also have an incredible deal on the E-Force Bedlam Stun 160 Quad racquetball racquet, this is an incredible opportunity to own a 160 gram Quad Eforce racquet for under 100.00.

Free priority mail shipping included at only 99.99  with factory ywarranty.

29 Sep

E-FORCE Racquetball Launches into Sector 5 racquets


Sector 5 racquets4less

We here at racquets4less have the newest Eforce Sector 5 racquets in stock.

E-FORCE seems to be back on sh edule again of bringing out a new top tier frame every season again after several season ago of having gone two season of promoting the Popular Darkstar models and last year it ws the Takeover series.

We here at racquets4less always have the latest and greatest racquets from E-force and this year is no different the Sector 5 racquets will come in 5 different weight models 160 quad,the popular 170 Teardrop ,175 quad and 190 Teardrop, and we find still the 170 models are our most popular seller with the 160 in second place.

The Sector 5 racquets have five crucial points on the carbon fibre frame that adjust the flex to improve on the concept of the Orginal Invasion frames from 7 years ago,and basically the frame is the same since then,mostly having “soft part” grommet changes in all models since.

We at racquets4less have some models from these past racquets in stock at great savings> Like the APOCALYPSE and APOCALYPSE Beta the Darkstar and Takeover, we do not have all weight models of APOCALYPSE and APOCALYPSE beta but we have a good section still. Call us to see if we have your hard to find past Eforce racquets.

We also have Takeover,DarkStar,APOCALYPSE Beta,APOCALYPSE.

And of coarse if your looking on the best price on Sector 5 we always can shave the retail price to get you into The Sector.

E-force Sector 5,we can save you $.

And we have many promo E-force clothing,warmups,used demo bags,new Backpacks from our exceptional relationship with Eforce racquetball, we frequent their warehouse in Carlsbad California to get the best deals on E-force gear.We have some Logo Clothing and unLogo shirts,shorts ,gently used demo bags,new Warmups.

Always ready to save The Players,we are a player and are for the Players of Racquetball.

E-force logo and non logo racquetball wear,


03 Sep

WILSON AVp volleyballs orginal Wth4308 or wth5001 in stock hard to find

We here at racquets4less do more than just Wilson Racquetball and Squash and BADMINTON and Paddle and Pickleball and even Tennis.

We carry a few key Wilson AVP volleyballs that many players ask for  but unfortunately the Gokd Standard H4100 volleyball is no longer available from Wilson,  So the ball that takes the place is the Model WTH4308 or Wth5001, both these balls are the highest quality ball from Wilson and the Orginal model AVP volleyballs.

You can order either of these two models in our Ball category from our home page.

They are sold in a 2 pac,that’s 2 balls sold for 84.98 with free shipping in USA..So that’s 42.49 per ball your choice.

We have limited quantities of these two Avp volleyballs.

Wilson AVP model wth4308 & wth5001 volleyballs in stock .hard to find. L0p

27 May

XTP Xtended Tennis Product is Featured review in Tennis Industry Magazine June 2019

In June 2019 check out great Press for XTP Tennis butt cap product.

Any racquet or paddle that has a removable butt cap is a candidate for the XTP tennis butt cap product.

We thank the USRSA United States Racquet Stringers Association for providing info to Tennis Industry Magazine on XTP..

Tennis Industry Magazine is getting the word out about the newest easiest way to customize racquets or paddles.

And we are currently in talks with major Manufacturers about the XTP Xtended Tennis Product and Taper SYSTEM.

XTP tennis butt caps making standard end caps obsolete.


Standard 27,27.25,27.5inch racquets are easily Xtended or Stretched using XTP.Or 26 inch Jr.racquets..Half Inch with our current design.


Review of XTP tennis butt cap by The TENNIS INDUSTRY MAGAZINE..“We think every Tennis Shop should offer Racquet Stretching same as Racquet Stringing” Now with XTP Xtended Tennis Product.


Cost: single cap 19.99, 2~Pac 29.99, 3 ~Pac 34.99, 4~Pac 44.99, 5~Pac 54.99 all prices include free shipping in USA, Check for International ship cost,we have distributors in Australia/New Zealand and the UK.Wholesale prices staring at 10pc for USA tennis shops.








20 Mar

Growing Market for the XTP Xtreme Tennis Product butt cap.

Will sales globally of the XTP we are very sure that word is getting out about Newest in Racquet Customization.

XTP can fit any Tennis racquet now with Patented HeatFit Technology.

Players now in UK,Australia, Dubai, India,Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden,France,Brazil, Canada,U.S.A.,Asia and distributors in UK and Australia.

14 Feb


We will offer some of our proven tips for best way of installing the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt caps in this post.

First make sure you know what size grip your Tennis racquet our Paddle is so you can order the proper size XTP butt cap.

Your racquet or paddle will be in between size L0 thru L5, and we currently make 4 sizes of the XTP cap.Our L0/1 cap fits 4.0 to 4 1/8,,the L2 fits 4 1/4,the L3 fits 4 3/8 and L4 fits 4 1/2 ,also our L4 cap very often can fit a 4 5/8 grip when heated up..L4 CAP CAN ALSO FIT A L5 RACQUET VERY OFTEN.

XTP tennis butt cap all sizes in stock L0 thru L4.

Another great tip is to use our Patented HeatFit process of heating the XTP cap up to 155 degrees befor installing.When the cap is heated up it expands and softens the urethane plastic XTP cap so it can slide completely over grip handle and mold to its shape for better fit ,and there are so many different manufacturers shaped octagonal grips yet the XTP cap fits ANY GRIP this way. Wilson,Head Babolat,Prince,Yonex,Dunlop,Technifibre,,Gamma,Pro Kennex,Vokel and more.

HeatFit process of installing the XTP tennis butt caps.

Also a small amount of Flexible rubber cement like Gorilla Clear Grip glue is best as a glue that has a slight flexibility is needed. SUPER GLUE IS TO STIFF AND DOES NOT WORK WELL.

GORILLA CLEAR GRIP FLEXIBLE GLUE works best to secure XTP cap.

And another good tip is to restaple the cap again to racquet handle .Most of the time this is NOT needed but sometimes it is necesary.

Can Re-Staple XTP cap if needed.

Use a heavy duty staple gun,or a tennis shop can restaple again usually if needed.

Another tip is that the XTP tennis butt cap will give the racquet a slight build up feel on the bottom of the grip were it fits onto the grip,so some users actually file or taper the grip to next size smaller then purchase the next size smaller cap so a 0 zero build up is attained, but most users do not notice or mind the slight build up and some even like that feel.

Extend your racquet and Expand your game. With XTP Extended Tennis Product.

If installing the XTP cap is not something you want to do many Tennis shops can do this for you, SO check our dealer locator page to find shops already stocking the XTP caps and offer installation.

We want to thank again The USRSA United States Racquet Stringers Association for play testing and answering questions from users and installers around the world.

We think every tennis shop should be offering this very easy way of stretching a tennis racquet half an inch or slightly more, and as players understand the advantages of using a stretch frame we get more players using the XTP caps.

XTP can fit any Tennis racquet now with Patented HeatFit Technology.

We also have several YouTube videos online to offer tips on installing the XTP caps.

If you have other questions about the XTP tennis butt cap feel free to call us,or if your a tennis shop inquiring about wholesale pricing and being included on our dealer/installer locator page contact us..truly.john of racquets4less